CMC Design Studio is committed to continuing education. So what do all these acronyms mean to your project? Here is a description of the certifications held by Colleen Coleman, owner of CMC Design Studio:

CAPS: Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist


CAPS: Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist is a program that was developed by AARP and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) to assist consumers in making their homes usable for a lifetime—regardless of their age, size, or functional ability. A specialist with this designation is knowledgeable in the following:

Identifying common challenges of functioning in a real-world environment for the Aging In Place (AIP) population.
Effective needs assessment
Identify special considerations for executing a livable home while the client is in residence.
Create comprehensive designs for aging in place projects.
Become familiar with available innovative and specialized products.
Practice design and installation for key components of in AIP home design.
Implement techniques of budget integration into design and product selection
Identify common missteps for design and installation of AIP solutions.
Review and apply solutions for common single-room modifications cases
Identify common installation considerations for modifications of a specified space.
Prioritize solutions in a whole house multi-generational case study while being compliant with budgetary constraints with consideration given to phased construction application.
Prioritize individual tasks relative to a projects budget and urgency.

Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer


Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer is a certified professional through the National Kitchen and Bath Association, knowledgeable in the following:

Product Selection
Space Planning
Execution of residential kitchens and bathrooms
Personal communication skills required to succeed as a design specialist
The certification consists of four major categories which include planning and design, construction/mechanical systems, business management and products/materials.

Certified True Colour Expert

CERTIFIED TRUE COLOUR EXPERT is a program developed by the internationally acclaimed colour specialist & blogger from Canada, Maria Killam, who instructs and certifies her students in the following:
The ability to distinguish the undertones of colors in a space and determine what is the best color solution for that space.
The proper selection of neutrals, vibrant colors, as well as trim colors.
Properly distinguish undertones in the neutrals.
The appropriate selection of tile, flooring, cabinetry and more, including existing elements in a space, to ensure the combination of colors are correctly chosen.
How and when to work with existing & dated finishes in a space.
Correctly select fixed, permanent finishes to ensure a classic design base which can be modified over time with simple updates to stay on-point in the world of trends.
Create flow and transition color from one space to another.
Color selections for the exterior of a home.
Show attended regularly: KBIS (Kitchen & Bath International Show)
Show attended regularly: IBS ( International Builders Show)
Presented 2017 “Trends Report” throughout the Capital Region

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